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Translated, with an introduction, by Michael W. Dols, Ph.D. 1971

This book describes medieval Islamic medicine and to explore a specific medical text, On the Prevention of Bodily Ills in Egypt by 'Ali ibn Ridwan (A.D. 998 - 1068). It seeks to answer the following questions: What did it mean to be a doctor in…

Eric L. Ormsby, Ph.D. 1981

The first detailed study of Islamic theodicy, the book points out distinctively Islamic formulations and solutions of the problem of the best of all possible worlds” and shows where they coincide with Western versions, such as that of Leibniz.

Robert Finn, Ph.D. 1978.

This study is an investigation of novels in Turkish of the end of the nineteenth century. After 1850, the impact of European economic and political influences in the Ottoman Empire led to the adoption of European cultural modes as well. It evokes the…

Ralph S. Hattox, Ph.D. 1982

Drawing on the accounts of early European travelers, original Arabic sources on jurisprudence and etiquette, and treatises on coffee from the period, the author recounts the colorful early history of the spread of coffee and the influence of coffeehouses in the medieval Near East. Detailed descriptions of…

Martin S. Kramer, Ph.D. 1982

Late in the 19th century, Muslims, separated by distance, language, and history, first thought to make their world whole by assembling in congress. "Islam Assembled" traces the roots of political activism in Islam as it took form in these gatherings. From the first fitful initiatives undertaken by a…

Cornell H. Fleischer, PhD 1982

Mustafa Ali was the foremost historian of the sixteenth-century Ottoman Empire. Most modern scholars of the Ottoman period have focused on economic and institutional issues, but this study uses Ali and his works as the basis for analyzing the nature of intellectual and social life in a formative period…

Araştırmalarında ilk elden kaynakları kullanmaya önem veren Şükrü Hanioğlu’nun titiz arşiv çalışmasıyla ortaya çıkardığı kapsamlı inceleme, Jön Türkler hakkında bilinenlerin dışında yepyeni bilgiler sunuyor. Hanioğlu, çalışmasının bu ilk cildini, en anlamlı bölünme anı olarak gördüğü, 1902 İttihat ve Terakki Kongresi’nde bitiriyor.

Co-edited by Aḥmad Ṭāhir Ḥasanayn, Ph.D. 1977.

Thematic issue of Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics 6 (Spring 1986). Text of articles in either English or Arabic; table of contents in English and Arabic. Second edition: al-Dār al-Bayḍā’: ‘Uyūn al-Maqālāt, 1988.

Aḥmad Ṭāhir Ḥasanayn, Ph.D. 1977

Edited by Martin S. Kramer, Ph.D. 1982

Table of Contents

Preface -- Introduction -- Shi'ism, Islam, and the West -- The Shi'a in Islamic History -- Western Studies of Shi'a Islam -- Iran: Shi'ism and Revolution -- Shi'ism as Interpreted by Khomeini: An Ideology of Revolutionary Violence -- Mahmud Taleqani…

Translated by Lawrence I. Conrad, Ph.D. 1981

Translation of: al-Takwīn al-Tārīkhī lil-ummah al-ʻArabīyah.

This book is a comprehensive examination of the historical process of social formation that gave rise to the communal consciousness of the Arab nation and determined its sense of identity. It aims to provide a…

Ami Ayalon, Ph.D. 1980

Middle Eastern society experienced sudden and profound change in the 19th century under the impact of European expansion and influence. But as Western ideas about politics, technology, and culture began to infiltrate Arab society, the old language proved to be an inadequate vehicle for transmitting these alien…

Eric L. Ormsby, Ph.D. 1981

This catalogue describes over 2,000 Arabic manuscripts acquired by the Princeton University Library since the 1950s, providing information on an important collection of Arabic works, many of which were previously unknown or unrecorded.

Vols. 12-18 (1988-1994) edited by Ami Ayalon, Ph.D. 1980

Co-edited by Robert D. McCesney, B.A. 1967, Ph.D. 1973.

Table of Contents

Preface by Farhad Kazemi & R. D. McChesney

Biography of Richard Bayly Winder

Bibliography of Richard Bayly Winder

The commerce of Mecca before Islam by F. E. Peters

Martin S. Kramer, Ph.D. 1982

The foreign hostages in Lebanon are living reminders of the challenge posed to the West by Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed movement of fundamentalist Lebanese Shi’ites. Hezbollah has conducted its operational campaign with a great measure of strategic and tactical savvy. Yet its ideologues understand and…

On dönem Osmanlı tarihinde oynadığı belirleyici rolü tartışmasız olan Osmanlı İttihad ve Terakki Cemiyeti (Fırkası)’nın yapısı incelendiğinde; farklı alanlarda, değişik liderle karşılaşılıyor. İşte bunlardan biri olan Enver Paşanın 1911–1913 yıllarına ait mektuplarından derlenmiş olan bu kitap son dönem Osmanlı Tarihine kısa da olsa bir bakış…

Kenneth J. Perkins, Ph.D. 1973.


"A valuable addition to the comparatively small collection of reference works about Tunisia. This is a useful, valuable and needed addition..." —CHOICE

Edited by Lawrence I. Conrad, Ph.D. 1981

This volume presents a selection of twenty-seven studies by the late Marwan R. Buheiry, whose premature death in 1986 deprived Arab scholarship of one of its most original and stimulating thinkers.

An avid student of political power, economics, and the arts, he was keenly aware of the…

Edited by Eric L. Ormsby, Ph.D. 1981

A collection of Essays on the Philosophy of Moses Maimonides.

Translated and annotated by David S. Powers, Ph.D. 1979

In this volume, which covers the caliphates of Sulayman, 'Umar II, and Yazid II, al-Tabari provides vivid and detailed accounts of the events spanning the period from 97-105/715-724. We listen to the stirring speeches of Qutaybah b. Muslim, in which he urges his followers to…

Aḥmad Ṭāhir Ḥasanayn, Ph.D. 1977

Ehud R. Toledano, Ph.D. 1979

Previous studies of nineteenth-century Egypt have often been premature in identifying the existence of an independent nation state. In a way which will permanently affect our view of Egyptian history, this book argues that in the mid-nineteenth-century period Egypt was still an Ottoman province, with a…

Eric L. Ormsby, Ph.D. 1981

The poems in this collection, representing work from the decade 1980-1990, range from evocations of common objects, a sea shell or a twisted nail, to explorations of an inner world of memory and imagination. Throughout the collection, there is a…

John E. Woods, Ph.D. 1974.

Robert D. McChesney, B.A. 1967, Ph.D. 1973.

Waqfs, or religious endowments, have long been at the very center of daily Islamic life, establishing religious, cultural, and welfare institutions and serving as a legal means to keep family property intact through several generations. In this book R. D. McChesney focuses on the major…

Edited by Martin S. Kramer, Ph.D. 1982

A dialogue on the role of biography and the interpretation of self-narrative in the Middle East. The dearth of intimate source materials, the discrepancy between public and private personae of Muslim intellectuals and the sense of propriety challenge this genre.

Edited by John E. Woods, Ph.D. 1974.

"Matn-i Fārsī bih taṣḥīḥ-i Jān Vūdz; hamrāh bā tarjumah-i mukhtaṣar-i matn bih Ingilīsī tavassuṭ-i Vlādimīr Mīnūriskī; bā tajdīd-i naẓar va taṣḥīḥ-i Jān Vūdz."

Translated by Fred McGraw Donner, B.A. 1968, Ph.D. 1975.

Translation of extracts from: Taʼrīkh al-rusul wa-al-mulūk.

Michael Oren, Ph.D. 1986.

This book represents the first scholarly examination of the origins of the 1956 Sinai campaign between Egypt and Israel. Utilising a wide range of primary sources, the study analyses the reasons for the breakdown of the Armistice Agreement between…

Eric L. Ormsby, Ph.D. 1981

Nominee, 1993 A.M. Klein Poetry Award, QSPELL. In this collection of poems by the prize-winning author of Bavarian Shrine and Other Poems, Eric Ormsby lives up to the reputation he has gained as a ''stubbornly unfashionable poet of high achievement'' (Montreal Gazette). Coastlines exemplifies the…

Michael W. Dols, Ph.D. 1971

This is a study of madness in the medieval Islamic world. Using a wide variety of sources--historical, literary, and art--the late Michael Dols explores beliefs about madness in Islamic society and examines attitudes towards individuals afflicted by mental illness or disability. The book demonstrates the…

Leslie Peirce, Ph.D. 1988.

Winner of the M. Fuat Köprülü Book Prize of the Turkish Studies Association

Examines the sources of royal women's power and assesses the reactions of contemporaries, which ranged from loyal devotion to armed opposition Argues that the exercise of political power was tied to definitions of sexuality …