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Co-edited by Engin Deniz Akarlı, Ph.D. 1976.

Papers presented at a colloquium held May 1972 at Princeton University and sponsored by the Princeton University Program in Near Eastern Studies and Center of International Studies.

Co-translator Norman Itzkowitz, Ph.D. 1959.



A preeminent scholar of Turkish history vividly portrays 300 years of this distinctively Eastern culture as it grew from a military principality to the world's most powerful Islamic state. He paints a striking picture of the prominence of…

Edited by Norman Itzkowitz, Ph.D. 1959.

Norman Itzkowitz, Ph.D. 1959.

This skillfully written text presents the full sweep of Ottoman history from its beginnings on the Byzantine frontier in about 1300, through its development as an empire, to its late eighteenth-century confrontation with a rapidly modernizing Europe…

Papers submitted to a conference held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, in the University of London in July 1967

Annotated and trans. by Norman Itzkowitz, Ph.D. 1959, and Max Mote.

This work presents the sefaretname of Abdülkerim Pasha written by Nahifi Mehmet Efendi and the account of the Russian embassy to Constantinople in 1776 by Prince N. V. Repnin.

Rev. and edited by Norman Itzkowitz, Ph.D. 1959

Proven from years of success at Princeton University, this comprehensive grammar and exercise book yields maximum results in 23 lessons covering all essentials of grammar from alphabet to progressive verb forms. Enables students to quickly understand and use basic patterns of modern…

Edited by Lawrence I. Conrad, Ph.D. 1981

1. Problems in the literary source material -- 2. Land use and settlement patterns -- 3. States, resources and armies -- 6. Elites old and new in the Byzantine and early Islamic Near East