Declaring an NES Major

Near Eastern Studies is the right concentration for you if:

  1. You want to learn about the histories, cultures, religions, literatures, and societies of the Middle East and North Africa,
  2. You want to read and speak one or more of the languages spoken in the region: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish,
  3. You want to become a more critical thinker,
  4. You want to join a community of students committed to better understanding our complex world, and
  5. You want to take classes with world-renowned faculty who truly care to get to know their students.

A simple prerequisite:

The only prerequisite for declaring yourself a Near Eastern Studies concentrator is to have taken one course in the department (e.g., a semester of one of our languages, a lecture course, or a seminar).

Three steps to declaring NES:

Once you have reviewed the requirements for earning a degree in NES and you’ve decided that you’d like to become a concentrator, please follow the following three simple steps:

Step 1: Declare your concentration in TigerHub.

You are encouraged to declare early in the process. For more details on the Registrar’s process, please follow the declaration instructions distributed by your residential college dean.

Step 2: Make an appointment with the Director of Undergraduate Studies as soon as possible before course registration begins.

The DUS will meet with all concentrators to assist them in selecting their courses for Fall 2025.

Step 3: Register on TigerHub for the courses approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

You must select your approved fall semester courses in TigerHub on  April 16 (Juniors)  or April 17 (Sophomores).

Welcome to NES

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