A student who has completed at least one course in the department is eligible to concentrate in Near Eastern studies. This course may be a language class or a lecture or seminar offered in any of the disciplines covered by the department.

Early Concentration

Students who meet the prerequisite for entrance into the department may be admitted and begin their program of concentration in the second term of their sophomore year. 

Advanced Placement

Advanced placement is available in all of the languages offered by the department. Students seeking advanced placement in Arabic, Persian, or Turkish should consult the department’s undergraduate administrator, Mr. James LaRegina ([email protected]), to arrange for testing with the appropriate language instructor. A student with a Hebrew Subject Test score of 760 or a high score on the departmental Hebrew placement examination given during freshman orientation week will be considered to have satisfied the A.B. foreign language requirement and to be eligible for placement in a 300-level course.

Joshua Sukoff